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475def swapcase(self, s):
476 """
477 Return a copy of *s*, but with lower case letters converted to upper case and
478 vice versa.
481 """
482 pass
28def swap_substr(s, one, other):
29 s = s.replace(one, "$$SUBSTR1$$").replace(other, "$$SUBSTR2$$")
30 s = s.replace("$$SUBSTR1$$", other).replace("$$SUBSTR2$$", one)
31 return s
58def test_swap_case():
59 assert Chepy("SoMe TeXt").swap_case().o == "sOmE tExT"
15def reverse_str(string):
16 rev_list=[]
17 new_list=list(string)
18 while new_list:
19 rev_list += new_list[-1]
20 new_list.pop()
21 return ''.join(rev_list)

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