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123def tix_filedialog(self, dlgclass=None):
124 """Returns the file selection dialog that may be shared among
125 different calls from this application. This command will create a
126 file selection dialog widget when it is called the first time. This
127 dialog will be returned by all subsequent calls to tix_filedialog.
128 An optional dlgclass parameter can be passed to specified what type
129 of file selection dialog widget is desired. Possible options are
130 tix FileSelectDialog or tixExFileSelectDialog.
131 """
132 if dlgclass is not None:
133 return self.tk.call('tix', 'filedialog', dlgclass)
134 else:
135 return self.tk.call('tix', 'filedialog')
132def askopenfilenames(**options):
133 """Ask for multiple filenames to open
135 Returns a list of filenames or empty list if
136 cancel button selected
137 """
138 options["multiple"]=1
139 return Open(**options).show()
38def ask_file(title):
39 root = Tk()
40 filename = filedialog.askopenfilename(parent=root, title=title)
41 root.destroy()
42 return filename

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