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156def new_menu(self,parent,tearoff=False):
158 """Wrapper for the Tkinter new_menu menu method."""
160 if self.font:
161 try:
162 return Tk.Menu(parent,tearoff=tearoff,font=self.font)
163 except Exception:
164 g.es_exception()
165 return Tk.Menu(parent,tearoff=tearoff)
166 else:
167 return Tk.Menu(parent,tearoff=tearoff)
737def set_menu(self, default=None, *values):
738 menu = self['menu']
739 menu.delete(0, 'end')
740 for val in values:
741 menu.add_radiobutton(label=val, command=Tkinter._setit(self._variable, val, self._callback))
743 if default:
744 self._variable.set(default)
752def popup(self):
753 self.tk.call(self._w, 'popup')

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