5 examples of 'tkinter hide widget' in Python

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46def hide_on_delete(widget: Gtk.Widget, *_: Any) -> Any:
47 widget.hide()
48 return widget.hide_on_delete()
40def hide(self):
41 """Hide the window."""
42 self.tk.withdraw()
43 self._visible = False
44 if self._modal:
45 self.tk.grab_release()
76def hide_dont_destroy(self, w, *a):
77 """
78 When used as handler for 'delete-event' signal, prevents window from
79 being destroyed after closing.
80 """
81 w.hide()
82 return True
130def hide( self ):
131 self.__descriptionWindow.hide()
132 self.__userTextWindow.hide()
133 for window in self.__suggestionWindows:
134 window.hide()
535def hide(self, widget, arg):
536 self.window.hide()
537 self.stop_button.set_active(False)
538 self.save_options()
539 return True

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