How to use 'to_categorical in python' in Python

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20def to_categorical(y, n_class):
21 return keras.utils.to_categorical(y, n_class)
165def to_categorical(y, nb_classes):
166 """Convert class vector to binary class matrix.
168 If the input ``y`` has shape (``nb_samples``,) and contains integers from 0
169 to ``nb_classes``, the output array will be of dimension
170 (``nb_samples``, ``nb_classes``).
171 """
173 y = np.asarray(y, dtype='int32')
174 y_cat = np.zeros((len(y), nb_classes))
175 for i in range(len(y)):
176 y_cat[i, y[i]] = 1.
177 return y_cat

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