How to use 'word generator from letters' in Python

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13def draw_letters():
14 """Pick NUM_LETTERS letters randomly. Hint: use stdlib random"""
15 return random.sample(POUCH, NUM_LETTERS)
152def get_random_word(dictionary, starting_letter=None):
153 """
154 Takes the dictionary to read from and returns a random word
155 optionally accepts a starting letter
156 """
157 if starting_letter is None:
158 starting_letter = random.choice(list(dictionary.keys()))
160 try:
161 to_return = random.choice(dictionary[starting_letter])
162 except KeyError:
163 msg = "Dictionary does not contain a word starting with '{}'"
164 raise NoWordForLetter(msg.format(starting_letter))
166 return to_return

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