How to use 'write list to file python' in Python

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689def write_list_of_files(file_list, output_file):
690 """
691 Save `file_list` list of files into `output_file` text file.
692 Args:
693 file_list: (list of str) of path to files
694 output_file: (str) path to the output txt file
696 Returns:
697 output_file
698 """
699 from os.path import isfile
701 assert isinstance(file_list, list), 'First argument must be a list'
702 assert isinstance(output_file, str), 'Second argument must be a str'
703 if isfile(output_file):
704 return None
706 text_file = open(output_file, 'w+')
707 for created_file in file_list:
708 text_file.write(created_file + '\n')
709 text_file.close()
710 return output_file
47def write_list_into_files(list_n, f):
48 for i in range(0,len(list_n),1):
49 f.write("%f " % list_n[i])
50 f.write("\n")

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